Monday, April 14, 2008

What is it like to be a Crocheter?

By Sarah Jones

Symbols, abbreviations, patterns and math
Why would I want to learn all that!!
Getting the kids ready for bed, giving them a bath
I just might as well toss in my hat!

When do I have time? Will I be up all night?
I usually have time for just a quick bite
Running, running, I’m always on the go!
So why do I do this? Why you must know?

Well warmth and comfort under a nice afghan
That is definitely a nice plan!
Dresses, purses, and bonnets I make,
Baby dedication… that takes the cake!

Gifts to charity always a must
Nothing is left to sit and collect dust.
Therapy, break, and calming I say
All wonderful to me at the end of my day!

It doesn’t stop there, there’s so much more!
But I am off… headed out the door.
I grab my purse and my keys.
I look down and what do I see?

Tangled yarn, lost hooks and my cat.
I will still put myself through all that!
Wouldn’t you do the same?
Come along and play the crochet game!

© 2008 Sarah Jones
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