Monday, August 17, 2009

Flowerella's Tutu Dress

I was invited to join a launch with the boutique "Lil Peas". I was so excited, this being my very first launch. I decided I would make a princess dress. It is a Halloween launch. So I sat down and began brain-storming and drew up some pictures. Out of much thought came the following work of art. This is a combined design by Lisa Naskrent and myself.

I even entered the dress in the fair and won first place!

On Sunday, I picked up the dress from the fair, got our daughter Natalie ready for pictures and then went to a gorgeous church to do the photo shoot. The church looks like a castle! How cool is that?! Natalie did so well during the photo shoot. She's always been good at posing!

The title of the launch: "Lil Peas and Guest Go Batty".

Well while at this church... we heard chirping sounds. I looked up towards the tower and saw 3 bats flying above it! PERFECT! I just wish I would've got a picture of them. But isn't it ironic. I sure thought so! Ha Ha!!

The launch is being held on eBay currently. It started August 11th. I just listed Flowerella's Tutu Dress today! So be sure to stop by the auction and have a peek. There's additional photos there!

Flowerella's Tutu Dress

Have a great day!

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