Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Companion Cube-Case

After all the planning, measuring and sewing...

it is finally done!!

I made this for my husband Russ. I wanted something special and unique to give him for his birthday. Thus the Companion Cube-Case was born! Now I've got to admit, I thought this would be SO much easier! Heck! It's just a pillowcase. But, I don't think I have measured something so many times.

I bet some of you are looking at this and wondering, why would she make a girly thing for her husband? For those of you who don't know why, read here.

I finished this last night while hubby was at work. I wanted it to be a surprise when he got home, so I slid it on his pillow and got ready for bed. Before going to bed I wanted to make sure I also included a little note (see below).

I was a little sad that I wouldn't see his expression. To be honest I even thought about setting an alarm. But, I was SUPER tired!

He came home and woke me up by kissing me and saying "Thank you!" Heh. Heh... that works :)

Now if I just had the time to make a whole bedding set!

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