Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Got Ants?

Got ants? Well I have the solution for you!

I recently bought a house and moved in a few months ago. Everything was going great, most of the remodeling was done, but then I started to notice ants. They were all over the place! We can't have that. Time to solve the issue. My dad and I set out and bought some ant traps at the store and set them around the house. Supposedly they take the bait back to the nest and within days it is suppose to kill them. No more ants, right? WRONG! It seemed like I had more or perhaps they were just wigging out due to the ant bait, but they began to run my counter tops. Time to try something else.

I asked my friends on Facebook what they'd recommend and most said "Borax". I went out and bought a box, created a mixture that I found online and tried it. Success? No. But since so many of them said borax, I thought I would try again. Maybe the mixture just wasn't right. And that was true!

Here is what works:

2/3 C of sugar
1/3 C of Borax
1 Tbsp of Peanut Butter
Recycled Plastic Container w/Lid
Extra Lids

I had some plastic containers that I saved. I'd personally recommend using something that you don't mind tossing in the trash.

In a recycled plastic container, such as a 16 oz sour cream container, combine the sugar and borax. Add a bit of water to make the mixture a soupy paste. Then mix in your peanut butter. Using the lid of a container, spread the mixture in the lid and then place the lid where you see the most ants. I had two lids placed in different areas on my counter. You'll still have left overs in your container. Put the lid on, poke holes into the container, right above the mixture line. I poked holes in a line all the way around. Place this container outside where you see a trail of ants entering the house.

This worked within two days! No joke.

Singing using the pink panther theme... dead ants, dead ants, dead ants dead ants dead ants, dead ants dead ants.

*If you have kids or pets, please keep the mixture out of reach. My kids are older and I did instruct them not to touch the lids. I do have the container outside right on my deck and my dog has not touched it, but please be cautious. Keep your kids and animals safe. Thank you!

I hope this works just as well for you as it did me.
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