Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Adventures in Coffee Dying

So I decide yesterday that I wanted a darker yarn for a bear I am making. I decided that coffee was my best bet. Ok... I've never done this before, so I am hoping that the coffee will remain stained on the yarn.

Last night I brewed a VERY strong 8 cup pot of coffee, Caramel Delight to be exact. Even though it was strong, it smelled really good! While it brewed I began pulling my yarn from the center, letting it fall into a large pot. I filled the entire pot, pushing it down slightly to get just a bit more. I am hoping it was enough, so I have enough yarn for my bear!

After the coffee was brewed, I poured it over my yarn and made sure it was covering every bit of yarn possible. Oh! I forgot to mention... I did wrap the end around the pot handle.

I covered the pot loosely.The yarn and coffee sat overnight. This morning I went and looked at it, gave it a tilt back and forth to cover more here and there. Then I went to work.

When I came home, I began to pull the yarn from the pan. Well after trying to do it on my own, I decided I needed my son's help.

I passed over the yarn to him and he held it while I wrapped. WHAT A MESS!! There was coffee everywhere! All over the stove, the floor and our clothes! At least we learn something everyday, right? I will be more prepared next time (if I do it a next time).

Well here is the result of my coffee dying adventure:

The picture is of what the original color (right) of the yarn looked like and the result from the coffee. I really love the new color and I hope it doesn't fade!

The yarn used for this adventure: Patons Lacette - Cream Caress

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