Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Special Hat for Ezra

A request was made for me to crochet an Elmo beanie. I was excited that I would actually be able to make something for the Matthews Cartoon Benefit auction that would be held by Hope for God’s Children. At the time, I could not even think of what I could make. I searched the internet only to get frustrated. Cartoon, cartoon… What cartoon character should I use? How would I use it?

When Judith asked me to make Elmo, I went to the store to get the supplies. I grabbed the yarn and went into the toy department to make sure the color was right. It was the only red in 100% cotton yarn that was available. There was a costume in the toy department that I could compare it to. It was a perfect match!

I begin to crochet away. Having no idea how I would make the facial features. I looked several times at Elmo as I worked. I made a basic beanie and the crocheted balls for eyes and a similar shape for the nose and then a big grin for the mouth. It didn’t turn out too bad, if I do say so myself.

I finally listed the hat on Ebay. Not only was this hat special for Ezra, but whoever bid on it, also got one for their child. 100% of the proceeds from the auction will be going to the Matthews Family.

Time to mail!

I didn’t wait for the auction to end. As a matter of fact it still has about 7 hours left for you to bid. Please help the Matthews family. Thank you!

With just 5 minutes to spare before the post office was to close, I left my mom’s house putting the pedal to the metal. I had to get this hat in the mail! I showed up and there was no parking. I had to park on the next block. I prayed to God that I would make it in time. I got out of my van and ran! As I was almost to the stairs a lady stepped in front of me. She was also going to the post office. Let me tell you, I had to be really patient. As I neared the main doors to the lobby, I could tell they were about to close the windows. I waved my box! The lady actually waited for me! Out of breath, I tell her that I need delivery confirmation. I paid of left with a sigh of relief. The moment I stepped out the door, my alarm went off on my cell phone. I took it out of my pocket. It was 5:00pm. The alarm had no description. I knew right then and there, God had provided me the time I needed to mail this special package. I begin to cry and thanked God for helping me get there in time.

I visited the Matthews blog today. To my surprise, there in the picture was Ezra resting with the Elmo Beanie above his head. I immediately told my husband, “YES! It made it to him!” then I showed him the picture.

Photo Courtesy by Kyle Matthews. Used with permission.

Please continue to pray for the Matthews Family. Thank you!
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