Thursday, January 13, 2011

Day 11 of 21 Days to Getting Organized

Day #11 Challenge – The Freezer

I went shopping for food earlier in the week and was a little in a rush when I got back from the store. In short, I quickly took the food I purchased and crammed it into the freezer. More chaotic then it is normally…

It’s time to fix my unorganized mess.

I pulled everything out of the freezer, stacking it in like foods/shapes. I then wiped the entire thing clean. I did this a month or so ago because I forgot my husband forgot that I he had a soda in the freezer and it… exploded! It was a sticky mess and the whole freezer needed cleaned due to the mess it had made. Anyway…

I put the juice and coffee on the door, trying to keep drinks together. Success! Then I put the waffles on the door. Juice and waffles = breakfast. That sounds organized ;)

Now inside I put main course type foods on the top shelf. On the bottom shelf I put the sides and the ice packs. I decided a container would be best for these to keep them all together for those unfortunate incidents. Then I placed them right up front for easy access.

Tetris is a fun game to play! The organization in the freezer is usually like a game of Tetris. Put them in the right places and you can fit more. I’ll be honest; I only tossed old ice cream.

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