Monday, January 10, 2011

Day 8 of 21 Days to Getting Organized

Day #8 Challenge - The Coat Closet

We don’t have a coat closet, but we do have a place for our kids’ coats. My husband came up with a brilliant idea how to store our kids’ coats and backpacks. Before he thought of the idea, our kids would come into the house and toss their coats to the floor along with their backpacks. We were always tripping over them, so the problem needed a solution.

My husband went to the store and purchased a few packs of the 3M hooks. He cleaned the wall and “installed” the hooks. They are the heavy duty ones that are supposed to support a lot of weight. Needless to say, we had to replace a couple. I think it is just because our older kids need to clean out their backpacks. When removing them from the hooks, they were HEAVY!

I had to take the picture through our front door. Looks like I need to clean off some tape.

On to what I did…

I removed everything from our entryway. Cleaned out the pockets of all of the coats and threw them into the washer. It needed done! Man, were those coats DIRTY!

I also tossed in the gloves that I found in the pockets. My oldest daughter actually had 3 pairs! Seriously?! And when my younger daughters ask for gloves, no one has spares. *ahem* Right!

I then zipped up the backpacks and set them aside. Anything on the floor, that couldn’t be vacuumed, I picked up and tossed in the trash. Then I vacuumed. After which I hung the backpacks back into their normal areas and waited on the wash.

Here is the entryway. It is now all nice and clean!

I have to admit, this area does get a lot of attention since this is the first thing people see of our house. It was an easy task. I’m glad it came up, because it has been about a week or so since I’ve cleaned it last. Thank you Toni!

I finished this last night while the kids slept. I hope when they come home from school, they'll put their stuff away neatly.

**Note: You'll notice that Day 6 and 7 are not posted. I will get these posted soon. I haven't been feeling well and our youngest was sick with the stomach flu.


Crazysocks :) said...

I need to get some of those 3M hooks for my kids' coats too. They usually go on a doorknob in each of their rooms. :(

Anonymous said...

Great work!

Amanda said...

love your entry way

Beth's Blog said...

look really good!

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