Friday, January 14, 2011

Day 12 of 21 Days to Getting Organized

Day #12 Challenge – The Spice Cabinet

I’ll be honest; I didn’t want to do this challenge. Our spice cabinet was a complete mess! Not only were spices up there, but candy and some food too. I’m glad my husband encouraged me for this one! If he didn’t, I most likely would’ve skipped this challenge.

I pulled everything out and put it in a box and set it aside. I then dusted and wiped down all of the shelves. Unfortunately, some icing color leaked onto the cabinet. As I wiped it up my water and hand turned pink. I’ll tell you, I washed and washed my hands over and over, trying to get the color off. It’s faint, but still there. Yes… my cabinet needed cleaned. lol!

It's done and now I feel much better about my cabinet!

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Jenny Reinhart said...

Great Blog! Sharing Link Love!
I need to be taking this Challenge!!!!

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