Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Day 9 of 21 Days to Getting Organized

Day #9 Challenge - Toy Organization

Remember how I cleaned under the sink early? I didn't know what I should do for that day and I really wanted to clean. My husband suggested that I clean and organize our game cabinet. "It's not something that is likely to come up during this challenge".

After seeing the Toni's post for today's challenge, I was happy to see games on her shelf. I really wanted to have a reason to show you my game cabinet and how clean it looks!

Here is what I started with:

This is the top cabinet. As you can see there is absolutely no organizing whatsoever! All of the games are just seemingly thrown in with no rhyme or reason. How can I possibly find the game iIwant to play?

And here is our bottom cabinet. What a mess! I'll tell you that this cabinet is easily accessible to all members of our family and our youngest loves to get into it. The kids mainly love the puzzles and Guess Who. But wait! Some of these games aren't for kids! Time to fix this.

P.S. Yes, that is Christmas garland on the banister. *blush*

We decided it'd be best for the top cabinet to be for the adult games and the bottom cabinet to be for the kids' games. Easier for them to reach, less pieces missing from our games! My husband asked that I sort all of his trivia games. These are on the top shelf. I can hardly reach it, so I put them there because well... he can! Besides, I'd rather be able to reach the fun games. Ha Ha!

The 2nd shelf has games that take a bit longer. The 3rd shelf... games we play more, when we have company over. The container holds Uno and other card games.

Now for the kids' cabinet.

I was planning to put the puzzles on the top. But if you are standing at this cabinet, you're looking down. So the top shelf would be the first seen. Now I know I said they like the puzzles, but really... a 3yo and puzzles do not mix well. Especially if she decides to get them out when one is not looking. :/

Here is my final shot... a full view of the set up of our game cabinet. Neatly organized and now it's easy to find the games we want to play.

OH! Did you notice the handles on the shelves of the kids' cabinet? Those shelves actually pull out for easy access! Very nice for short arms ;)

I did organize some of my kids toys, but decided that I need to invest in some more containers and definitely a labeler! Hopefully I'll get one soon.

Thanks for stopping by! I'm looking forward to the coming days. My house is getting organized and I am loving it!

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Crazysocks :) said...

I wish I lived nearby! I'd love to come play games with you guys! Nice organizing!!!

HollyCraft Originals said...

You have Mad Gab...that is such a crazy fun game!!

Sarah Jones said...

I would love if you came over to play! lol!!

Mad Gab is one of my favorites. When we get together with my brother it is always played :)

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